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Saturday, August 1st 2015

Stacking Plans Software

What and Why?
Stacking plans can provide detailed leasing and overall building performance information at a glance. Information such as lease options, expirations, signed but not commenced can be displayed in a printable graphical format for property managers and leasing professionals to take and get out from in front of a computer to see how a property is doing.

Simple and Fast
With Veribrum, your stacking plans are rendered in a searchable PDF or as a web image immediately when you make the request.

Seamless Integration
Veribrum can be easily integrated into any type of back end, from a simple Excel spreadsheet to a complex set of databases. Web images such as GIF can be embedded on internal or external sites to each incoming visitor will see how the building looks at the moment they visit the page. Veribrum Stacking Plans are built to work with virtually any available data-source and will work with zero configurations with many property management applications including CTI, Argus, Skyline, Timberline, MRI, or Yardi.

Customize your Plans
Veribrum Stacking Plans allow you to produce presentation ready, completely customized plans with out the usual hassles. Every aspect of the generation process is customizable, from the color scheme, data selection to the dates and square footages to be displayed.

Real Time Updates for your site
Veribrum allows you to display a current version of any stacking plan on your external or internal website; so that each visitor will see how the building looks at the moment they visit the page.

Batch Generation
In addition to being generated on-the-fly, stacking plans can be batch generated with every building in the portfolio on a selected schedule and then historically archived.

Data-rich, presentation-ready stacking plans are what we do.